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Editor and Publisher: Stuart Gorin
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Frank Montelione

Updated: June 2024

This Month's Tusk:
The June Tusk

Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed
by those who are dumber. ~Plato

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In This Month's Tusk

The June Tusk carries a lot of news including:


The Great Debate – or was it/
Stuart gives his story about the debate.


Also you will find the:




More than 500 enthusiastic Brevard County Republicans gathered at the Melbourne Auditorium June 22 for the Brevard Republican Executive Committee’s biannual straw poll and picnic, and to hear from dozens of candidates who will be on this year’s ballots.


My column – The Rise and Fall of Empires.

The US Supreme Court has issued many decisions, and we have a recap of some of the more important ones.

Plus club news and our regular columns.

Enjoy and pass it on.


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The blue square represents the American Jewish Community, which is 2.4% of the U.S. Population.  Yet Jews are victims of 55% of all religious crimes in the United States. 
Let’s share this blue square to let them know they’re not fighting alone.

Rules Of The Republican Party


--July 3:      Brevard Federated Republican Women meeting, Space Coast Convention Center, Cocoa, 11:30 am.


--July 4:      Heritage Isle Republican Club meeting, Heritage Isle Clubhouse, 10 am.


--July 8:      Space Coast Patriots meeting, Merritt Island Library, 6 pm.


--July 15:    Republican Liberty Caucus of Brevard meeting, La Loma Restaurant, Melbourne, 7 pm.


--July 16:    North Brevard Republican Club meeting, American Police Hall of Fame, Titusville, 6 pm.


--July 18:    Republican Women’s Network of South Brevard meeting, Suntree Country Club, 11 am.


--July 22:    Ronald Reagan Club meeting, Oceanside Community Church, Satellite Beach, 6 pm.


--July 25:    Space Coast Young Republicans meeting, Pub Americana, Melbourne, 6:30 pm.


--July 27:  Space Coast Republican Club meeting, Red Lobster, Merritt Island, 11:30 am.


The Brevard Republican Executive Committee and the Federated Republican Women in Action will not meet in July.