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Updated: July 27, 2023

This Month's Tusk:
The August Tusk

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25 Rules For Radicals

Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed
by those who are dumber. ~Plato

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Devon Archer Transcript

Trump Indictment Document

Hunter Biden rejected plea deal document

The August Tusk is attached.  In this monthís Tusk: 

Itís been very hot here in Atlanta.  It was a good time to stay inside and work on the Tusk.

 In it you will find a synopsis of the first Republican Debate, a chronology of the favoritism shown the Bidens, a story of the bottomless Pinocchios awarded to our Fabler In Chief Joe Biden and our regular columns by Debbie Mayfiled, Tom Wright plus You Canít Make This Up and Audacity and Ignorance.

 Enjoy and pass it on.


Enjoy and spread the word!

Rules Of The Republican Party


--August 28: Ronald Reagan Club meeting, Frogbones Double Tapp Grill, Melbourne, 6 pm.  

--September 1:   Federated Republican Women in Action meeting, MeMawís BBQ, Palm Bay, 11:15 am.


--September 5:   Moms For Liberty meeting, Pizza Gallery, Viera, 6:30 pm.


--September 6:   Brevard Federated Republican Women meeting, Space Coast Convention Center, Cocoa, 11 am.


--September 7:   Heritage Isle Republican Club meeting, Heritage Isle Clubhouse, Viera, 10 am.


--September 11: Space Coast Patriots meeting, Merritt Island Library, 6 pm.


--September 14:   Brevard Republican Executive Committee meeting, Space Coast Association of Realtors Building, Melbourne, 7 pm.


--September 19:   North Brevard Republican Club meeting, American Police Hall of Fame, Titusville, 6 pm.


--September 21:   Republican Womenís Network of South Brevard meeting, Beachside Hilton, Hwy AIA, 11:30 am.


--September 21:   Space Coast Young Republicans meeting, Pub Americana, Melbourne, 6:30 pm.


--September 23:   Space Coast Republican Club meeting, Red Lobster, Merritt Island, 11:30 am.


--September 24:   Republican Liberty Caucus of Brevard Constitution Day Dinner, Hilton Rialto, Melbourne, 7 pm.


--September 25:   Ronald Reagan Club meeting, Frogbones Double Tapp Grill, Melbourne, 6 pm.


--September 30:  Truth Fest meeting, Destiny Church, Merritt Island, 7 pm.